Jul 102007

The thing about tips is that none of them will work if I don’t actually use them. Which I found out the hard way a few years ago when I was looking for an out of season clothing item and found moths crawling around in my hero’s and my cashmere sweaters, still under my bed.

What really works is to store winter clothing in the freezer.

Moth eggs when they have been frozen for a certain length of time (anybody know the exact length?) will never hatch. Works with flour too.

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  1. A good idea, put em in the deep freeze. I’m allergic to cedar, so I’ll have to try this.

  2. That’s a really good idea. Are there a lot of moths up here? I never had any issues before but we lived in a different-climate to say the least! I’ll definately use it for the flour!

  3. Seriously!?? Go figure. But then, who has enough room in their freezer for their winter wardrobe???

  4. I had actually never had moths until my grandmother passed away (in the Portland area) and I brought home some of her stuff. Although I didn’t see any signs of moths there and she was very careful with her clothing storage. It’s just as likely they came from something thrifted.

    I have never had them in my kitchen but I have several friends who have, both here and in Vancouver (WA). It’s definitely worth it to freeze your flour. And what I do now with thrifted clothes is freeze them if they aren’t washable.

    dcrmom ~ I am feeling a little packed in the freezer dept., but we have a smallish chest freezer downstairs. This time of year, before harvest or hunting seasons, I intentionally keep it less full of food so that I can put clothes in. Another option would be to rotate winter stuff through, just to be safe, especially if you didn’t have a moth problem.

    And lavender helps with moths, so I just bought a nice lavender candle for my bedroom and put dryer sheets with lavender essential oil under the bed.

  5. hmmm. I had no idea about the lavender, but I bought a (huge) amount of lavender to be thrown at my wedding (instead of rice ;). Since then, I’ve sprinkled it into all my tubs of clothing, but nore for the scent. Good to know it actually may have helped in another area!

  6. i am so glad i have a cedar lined closet– our freezer would never fit clothes!

  7. […] my mind, it works for me. Now I just need to get my clothes out of the freezer and try them […]

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