May 172007

First off, I love what dcrmom has done with these pictures: we see enough of her face that we can determine both the second balance point and the shape.  Did you know that she took modeling classes as a teen?

In order not to inhibit y’all from making your honest comments, I’m not going to say too much about these upfront.


My (few) comments:

  1. There was a concern about scoop necks accentuating *ahem* certain elements of the figure. While I can see that a bit in the blue, for some reason, perhaps the depth of the scoop, I don’t see it in the red.
  2. Speaking of the red, IMHO it is stunning!
  3. I still don’t understand what makes crew necks work. But they do. Both black tees look good, don’t they?

Now I want to hear from the rest of you. See you in comments!

(BTW, thank you in advance to Alyson, who is going to model for next week’s fashion lab about combining black and colors. Email me if you would like to help with a future edition.)

  23 Responses to “Fashion Lab: Basic is not Boring”

  1. Great pictures. And I find myself preferring the V neck in very group (although she does look great in both reds). Why is this? Is it the shape of her face? The skin drawing the eye up? Are V necks more flattering on everyone? I also always try to fill the “negative space” that a v neck leaves with a necklace of some kind, but these pictures look good without. (Does that necklace thing have something to do with my idiom?)

  2. I think the cut of the green one, with the not-as-wide V is the most flattering of the bunch! This is an interesting lab- thanks so much for doing this, to both you and dcrmom! 😉

  3. A necklace is a great way to achieve a balance point or a shape more harmonious with the face, when the neckline itself doesn’t do it. Because I prefer not to wear jewelry, I like to use my clothes to do all the work that would normally be done by the clothes AND accessories. But most people are not like me.

    About v-necks: I do not believe they are universally flattering. I think we are conditioned to seeing them, we’ve been in a very long v-neck fashion cycle. But I do think they look good on dcrmom. Actually, there is only look pictured here that I don’t like especially on her – the blue neckline is too round for her face shape.

    Your idiom is like your own definition of style, so if you like to wear necklaces that would become part of your idiom. But if you like the look without, try to find a shirt that works with your balance point and face shape and see if you like that without a necklace. (You may just be an embellishment person.)

    Thanks for being the first to comment, Alyson! 🙂 And thanks to you, too, Jess!

  4. So what is wrong with me? I thought the rounded necklines look better on her, *and* the blue was my favorite. I actually thought the complete opposite of what you did, Rebecca, in your point #1.

    So I guess if dcrmom takes all of our likes, she gets to wear them all!

  5. “gets to wear them all”…with confidence, I mean.

  6. Nothing’s wrong with you, Bonnie. That is interesting that you thought the opposite on that, but on looking at them again, really I don’t think either has much of an “enhancing” effect.

    You know, since they are all her shirts, it makes sense that they all look good on her!

    BTW, there were no Birkenstocks at all at the Ross we went to today. 🙁 One pair of Borns in my size, coral flip flops, but they were $30. I was happy that they fit me, though, because I ordered my brown ones without trying them on. 🙂

  7. Great pictures. I love the v-neck and the crew neck tees. I think the reason why the red scoopneck is so flattering without attracting too much attention to *that* area is because the neckline is more of a U shape instead of being rounded at the bottom, like the blue one is. Hence, the vertical takes attention away from the horizontal.

    Tees are not boring at all. The vibrant colors (you know how much I love them) make for anything but an ordinary jeans and t-shirt outfit. Add a pair of properly fitted jeans and a pair of heels and you get a simple, modest, and sophisticated outfit.

    Even if we were to stick with basic colors, they won’t be boring–they’re wonderful backdrops for some stand-out accessories such as jewelry and bags. Such accessories won’t look good at all if the outfit is too busy.

  8. Kudos to dcrmom for providing a wonderful fashion lab! The perfect tee is almost impossible to find, even if tees make up a good percentage of one’s wardrobe.

    My take is slightly different, with the disclaimer that sometimes photos “lie”, and a blazer, hoodie or cardigan over any of them could change my opinion. I prefer the red scoop neck and I think part of the reason is the cap sleeves of many of the tees. They almost draw the shoulders up instead of showing her strength of posture. The black round neck also really works for me.

  9. The red with the scoop neck is my favorite. I have the shirt in both dark & light blue and brown, and black, so I’m a bit prejudiced on this one. I do have a question about it, if dcrmom has any thoughts.
    It’s a wonderfully soft, lightweight knit from Old Navy – do you have any problems with the neckline growing throughout the day? Even my purse strap seems to be enough to stretch it out, and it’s so light that it doesn’t really pop back into shape. Warmer water in wash? Stick with clutch bags?

  10. I think the green is the best for color on her and I like the neckline – v but not TOO wide – the other V’s aren’t as well proportioned to her shoulder width. I agree that the sleeve on the red scoop is nice. I am jealous how good the regular T in black looks on her! She looks fine in all – but those two are my faves. My least favorite is the blue scoop – kinda boring color and the neckline is too shallow, I think –

    I want to do a lab, but need an idea!

  11. I prefer the v-necks overall, but the black crewneck works too. I don’t really care for the scoopnecks. I almost always buy v-necks these days. Word on the street is it is flattering for my generous chest size (thanks to 4 pregnancies).

  12. Joy ~ when I told her I thought the red one was stunning, dcrmom said she hasn’t actually worn that one yet. BTW, I showed her your lab where you had the scoop neck layered look, very flattering! Anyway, about the neckline growing, I hate to suggest a different purse, but maybe one with a shorter strap that would go over your arm rather than your shoulder. Does it re-shape itself if you dry it?

    SRR ~ I agree with your analysis of the neckline of the red one. The more rectangular U shape is better than the round scoop. Great comments! Thanks.

    It’s interesting, isn’t it, how *not boring* the plain black crewneck is!

  13. I think picture 2 and 3 where best suiting on you did you ever think of a ballet top? with the wider scoop to take away from any issues?

  14. i think the v necks work the best, because her face is a long oval shape. but i also think the elbow length sleeves are the most flattering to her arms and shoulders. i have two of those shirts but for some reason the neckline is much lower on me and i need another shirt underneath.

  15. It’s funny, I didn’t notice the sleeves at all the first time through. I do love the look of the longer sleeves, and I think I remember reading somewhere that cap sleeves don’t flatter many (although dcrmom looks great). Other than the Old Navy version mentioned that stretches out throughout the day, does anyone know of other longer-sleeved T’s out there anywhere?

  16. Just popped on from vaca. Love the post and all the comments!! Still haven’t worn the red but have it with me. Maybe tomorrow nite?

  17. The red one is perfect for a Saturday night! You know, I’m not much of an accessory person, but some fun earrings would be a way to anchor the attention around your face. Hope you’re having a lovely time! 🙂

  18. I like the red, the coral, and both blacks. I really dislike the blue. It seems bunchy around neckline. I never thought a crewneck would be a good choice, but I really do like it!

  19. My favorite is the red scoop necked one. It’s fun and looks great on her! It also doesn’t look as t-shirty as the rest of them.

    I love the v-necks on her as well — they are very flattering to her.

    I don’t care for the black high necked one. It makes her shoulders look wider than the others do, and doesn’t compliment her upper body.

    Great fashion lab!

  20. I love the green one the best! Nice website, btw. 🙂

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  22. I think the black crew neck gives her a longer-looking torso than the black v-neck (even though you even see more of the black v-neck, vertically, in the photos). The red & black v-necks seem to be cut too wide for her face. The green v is the best for her. The longer red sleeves look nice, too.

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