Feb 122007

I’m telling you, the Armani thing scared me! Some of the suits were lovely, but how wearable is something with only one (long) sleeve?

Try this fun project: take a picture of your face and split it in half vertically. Mirror image each half of your face to complete the picture. In other words, make a face that is just what the left side of your face looks like, and another one that is just your right. How different do they look?

Who wears asymmetry:

a) One who is going for a high fashion, high drama look.

yigal-azrouel.jpgYigal Azrouel

b) One with a greater than usual degree of physical asymmetry.

twinkle.jpg Twinkle


c) The fashion victim. Aka foo.

For those of us with a somewhat classic style and fairly regular features, the risk of looking like we’ve been had is just too great. Other than possibly evening wear, how about we just sit this one out?

Photos via Coutorture, courtesy of ShopStyle.

  4 Responses to “Lessons From Fall Fashion Week: Asymmetry”

  1. Hmm…I love asymmetry. Does that make me an a) or a c)?

  2. Guaranteed, an A! Although, since I haven’t seen your face, you could be both a & b. I have a daughter who is a little bit b and she looks DARLING in the crazy hem-lines.

  3. Ooooh. I love the Yigal Azrouel number. I would absolutely wear that! (But in general, I tend towards symmetry.)

  4. Thanks for the compliments! Ah, I wish I was a b), but unfortuntely I know for a fact that I’m very asymmetrical.

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