Jan 292006

Don’t touch that dial! You are not seeing things, dreaming, or experiencing technical difficulties. What you are about to see is a revision of a previous post. The old is gone, what you see is what you get.

Welcome to the debut of my new and improved system for naming fashion personalities. Based on the system originally published in Fabulous You, by Tori Hartman, I have been working on adapting the vocabulary to be intuitive. I want you to be able to have an idea what your fashion personality is based just on its name.

Can you find yourself on this list?

1) Innovator
2) Glamorous
3) Contemporary
4) Traditional
5) Romantic
6) Relaxed

The great thing about blogging is the interactive editing. When I come up with something I think works, like in my original post on fashion personalities, I can test-drive it here. Then, when I discover that I’m not really as brilliant as I had hoped, the post can be edited, or even deleted.

  5 Responses to “Fashion Personality Types”

  1. I don’t know. What would you say about me?

  2. So, I take that as a big N-O (you can’t find it based on the name). That’s okay.

    Maybe similar to me, but in a different order. I am contemporary first, followed very closely by functional, with a tiny bit of alternative.

  3. I should have asked my girls. THEY knew you were FUNctional/nostalgic aka sporty/romantic.

  4. […] fashion personality types adopt new styles in a predictable order. The Engine, Alternative, is not usually in style, only […]

  5. […] this blog, I use the term “style personality” to describe one of six types based on personal characteristics such as how quickly we adopt new styles, whether we prefer to stand out or blend in, and how much […]

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