Dec 052005

Zappos, Great Items
While many would like to deny or ignore the fact, appearance is a primary way humans communicate with one another (1 Sam 16:7). Fashion is a fast-changing dialect. The problem with being stuck in a time-warp is that, although you may be comfortable and perfectly happy, many of the people you meet no longer speak “1985”. Nevertheless, I know several women who still wear their clothes from high school but do not look dated. How? Their style is timeless.

Understand, I am not advocating timeless, or traditional as I normally refer to it, as the only way to avoid misunderstanding. Contemporary works, as well. My point is, and it has happened to me, your appearance may not be accurately reflecting who you are on the inside. Especially if people don’t understand what you are saying.

  3 Responses to “The Importance of Being Timeless”

  1. Rebecca: Thanks for sharing. I love the ‘dressing’ tips, and totally agree about the TV.

    ??? My hair is almost totally white and I’m not into buying a white coat – Got any other ideas?

  2. Lots. Any color in your eyes, including the ring around the iris. Salt and pepper herringbone. Navy, pewter, aubergine, or brown.

  3. […] on Easter”, but I honestly wasn’t certain what approach to take. I’m not all that traditional, I don’t wear many dresses, not to mention that I usually work in the nursery on holidays. […]

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